My grandfather and his brother

It has been a long time since I’ve published a post but I’ve been working very hard researching and writing the story of my grandfather, Seymour John Harrison, and his big brother, Edward. At times I’ve stalled and had to take a break but being isolated at home has meant I’ve had no excuse so here is their story. I really wrote it for me as I needed to understand more about my family but I hope you enjoy reading it too. If you do, that will be a bonus for me.


3 thoughts on “My grandfather and his brother

  1. Hi Mum

    I’ve read your work. that is a lot of work and so detailed. I’m glad you enjoyed the process. 

    I did skim over the war bit because it was very long.

    Your research is very in depth. 

    thanks for your hard work.

    we’ve got strong ancestory. onwards and upwards love me x


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