What’s happening here?

You’ll be pleased to know that our NBN has been working well thankfully especially in this time when we are self-isolating at home. We are never bored. I’m busy with my research and we both love playing Funbridge on our iPads. We had a mad dash to our lovely local council library before we were shut in but once we’ve finished all the books we have, I guess we’ll be using Borrowbox to access eBooks from our library. The cupboards have all been cleaned out and we have decluttered. (Don’t mention the filing cabinet though!)

Our only remaining problem with our NBN is that they could not get our landline to work so we have just given up on that. We just have our mobiles but that works well anyway.

Picture us now! We are listening to the soundtrack of Chicago on ITunes through our Apple TV while our favourite photos are moving across the screen. David has been reading but now, both he and Snoopy, our very cute new dog are having a nap.


We are counting our blessings at this stressful time. There’s a lot to worry about but then you just have to look around and you realise that we have a lot to be thankful for.

3 thoughts on “What’s happening here?

  1. Hi Di, Yes I feel so blessed as well! We live next to the ocean so can go for a walk along the beach whenever as usually there are only a few people there at any given time. We have been finding a new place to walk each day this week and yesterday we went to a new area we had never walked before so never realised how beautiful it was – called The Big Swamp – full of bird life and turtles etc We also have been cleaning out cupboards 😩😩 Have had a painter here so he had painted the bedrooms and cupboards – renewed interest in the house thus the need to clean all the cupboards out -this all come at a good time for us lol Also happy we aren’t in business and having to put off staff!! Missing my golf and my mahjong afternoons but otherwise we are perfectly happy! Ps your fur baby is beautiful 👍 Cheers Val xxxx

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