Lovely way to arrive on Vancouver Island

We were collected by our Uber at 6:20 to drive south for an hour though beautiful forested mountains interspersed with lovely waterways. Apparently the air here is some of the cleanest in the States & I can see why with the extensive areas of forest. I reckon it would be a very pleasant part of America to live.

At Anacortes we boarded our ferry for the almost three hour spectacular ride across to Sidney on Vancouver Island. Many mountains (maybe hills) poke their heads above the water & it really reminded me of Halong Bay in Vietnam. Same same but different as the Vietnamese people say!

The ferry was large with capacity for 1200 Walk-ons & 400 vehicles. As you traverse International waters, it even offers duty free shopping for about 20 minutes. The crossing cost only $9.65 each for us oldies so that was very reasonable.

We stopped on the way at Friday Harbour near the marina & many people disembarked with bicycles. On many of the islands cute log cabins nestled in amongst the forest on the water’s edge. I could picture us having a lovely family holiday there with all of our kids & grandkids, walking, canoeing…… it would be great. Perhaps Grandpa David wouldn’t enjoy it as much as the rest of us. He’d be ok though if he could download “The Australian” on his iPad & find a comfy quiet reading spot.

When we docked at Sidney I could see my cousin Kay & her husband Ben waiting for us & it was so exciting to finally meet. Going through border control as we entered Canada was very quick & easy. They brought us to their lovely home where we will stay until Sunday when we head home. Kay’s grandfather, Will Alley was my father Sid’s brother. We had a very pleasant afternoon sharing photos & telling stories of our families. Their daughter Laura & her two sons, Dallas & Archer, popped in too so my family keeps expanding. I love it! But more about that in my next post.

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