Bellingham is a beautiful place

I’m not sure there’s ever been Aussie tourists here before but it is a lovely place & now that I’m out of hospital we are enjoying our brief stay here.

We’ve just had a lovely lunch, the first I’ve had in 5 days at a great restaurant, Keenan’s on the Pier, recommended by one of my nurses – local oysters, small but very sweet & a shrimp & raspberry salad. Delicious!

Bellingham has it all. It’s ringed by mountains covered with beautiful green conifers & other trees & it sits on a lovely big bay. The whole city seems to be green with flowers everywhere. The architecture is different again from San Fransisco but just as attractive.

It seems to me that there are quite a few differences between the way hospitals work here & at home. The best thing about St Joseph’s was the Room Service Menu. I didn’t get to enjoy it as I wasn’t eating but it’s just like a restaurant menu with great options, catering for all dietary needs.

There was a computer for every bed & everything went straight into it. There was no paper! Amazing! And I didn’t have to state my name & date of birth 30 times a day. They just waved the scanner over my wrist band. It was so easy.

I am very excited that tomorrow we resume a part of our planned holiday. We are going by ferry to Vancouver Island to meet & spend a few days with my birth cousin, Kay & her husband, Ben. I am so pleased that we are still able to do this.

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