Spectacular Butchart Gardens

Each day I’m feeling better & stronger & yesterday Kay, Ben & Jane, Kay’s sister &, of course, my cousin too took us to Butchart Gardens.

And, yes, you all said I would love it & you were right. We loved the colours, the shapes, the fragrances & the various formations & sections. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

After the gardens we had lunch at a great little restaurant beside Brentwood Bay. It was called Blue’s Bayou which served Cajun/Creole Southern food. I tried Jambalaya with shrimps & loved it.

We’re getting on like a house on fire. There’s much chatter about our family history, looking at photos & we’ve found a shared love of the same books, movies & TV shows &, of course, Travel. We’re having a lovely time so I’m so pleased that we were still able to visit Kay & Ben. It has also allowed me to rest up before the flight home as the doctor recommended.

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