The adventure we did not plan to have

Here we are in an air ambulance Lear Jet operated by Guardian Air in Alaska flying from Ketchikan, Alaska to Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Bellingham, Washington State.

I haven’t felt well since we boarded the Regatta which was a shame as I couldn’t really enjoy all the beautiful food & we didn’t even drink our free bottle of champagne. It came to a head on Friday night when I was admitted to the ship’s hospital. I was looked after so well by the doctor & nurse who monitored me all night. It was amazing. The doctor thought I might need a blood transfusion so he put a message over the public address asking for people to donate for me. David said the queue filled the surgery & went way down the corridor. I felt very lucky to have so many people prepared to give up their Friday night partying & their blood for me. It was very special! Fortunately I didn’t need the blood but I am currently having an iron infusion as I write as my haemoglobin level is very low.

When we docked in Ketchikan, our first port, the ambulance was waiting & I was whisked off to the small but well equiped local hospital where I was given a whole heap of tests. The doctor recommended that I be airlifted to a larger centre for further testing & treatment & they organised it all.

When we arrived in Bellingham the ambulance was waiting & I was brought straight to my room where I am again having excellent treatment & I’m hoping to be released tomorrow.

I cannot begin to tell you just how wonderful all of the people who have helped have been. All of the ambulance officers especially the flight nurses were so lovely & cheerful & great tour guides! Here, a fire engine always accompanies the ambulance. I’m not sure why. But I’m glad they do because when we arrived here the firemen carried all of our luggage up to my room. Thank God we have cover for unlimited medical as the flight alone was over $68000.

Ketchikan was very wet, windy & cold yesterday & I don’t know how much fun the shore excursions would have been but probably more fun than being trussed up like a turkey on a stretcher in an plane. Poor David coped exceedingly well with having to pack all of our luggage up ready to leave the ship. He managed to fit everything in the cases but now we don’t know what is where. Finding stuff is quite a puzzle.

The views of both Ketchikan & Billingham from the air were lovely as is the view from my hospital window. I wish we could have finished our cruise but I’m just thankful that we are safe & so grateful for the wonderful help we have received. We are not sure yet what happens next but hopefully we can sort it tomorrow.

This is my view:

8 thoughts on “The adventure we did not plan to have

  1. Oh Di, ( and Dave) so sorry to hear about your spate of bad health but sounds like all is going to be fine!
    It is so important to have good health cover when travelling and well done for covering it so well – we do the same as we have mum and dad to worry about – maybe having to have emergency flight home!!
    Look after yourself and hopefully you can continue your holiday and enjoy yourselves again. Thinking of you both Val & Keith xx

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  2. So glad everything worked out and you got the treatment you needed so quickly. Look forward to catching up in Bellingham or Vancouver 💕💕


  3. Hi Di, not good news however you stay so positive. Let’s hope you can continue your adventure. All is well in Milan. Off to stroll around the city without two children and at my own pace today. All the best Leonie

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  4. Hi Di
    I hope you are feeling better thank heavens you purchased that insurance my friend. We are thinking of you both and await your safe return home.
    Keep well
    Love Rhonda

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  5. Hi Di & David
    Wow Di that’s no good I hope you fully recover very quickly. There are always two ways to look at something David & you will be able to tell people about your private fully escorted $68,000 flight in North America!
    Keep smiling!


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