Sailing from San Francisco

Yesterday was one of those unpleasant days that happen when travelling. Nothing drastic happened it was just inconvenient. Our ship was delayed due to an outbreak of gastro in Mexico, rough seas & US Navy exercise so instead of arriving at 8am, it arrived at 5pm which was the amended time they told us to board after the initial delay. So people & bags were coming off at the same time we were arriving to board. Chaos reigned supreme for awhile but we boarded about 8pm & our cabin was ready & bags were here so it wasn’t too bad.

However, the result was we sailed this morning at 10:15 rather than 6pm yesterday but we did sail under the lovely red Golden Gate Bridge.

We’ve just had lunch & there some waves frolicking off the stern but we couldn’t see much detail.

To fill in time yesterday we went downtown to Market St & rode the lovely old trams on the F line which runs alongside all the wharves. They have imported old trams from around the world including Milan & Sydney.

We are having to sail right by Astoria, Oregon our scheduled port visit today to make up time. So I guess now it’s eating, relaxing, walking the deck, reading, playing bridge etc until Ketchikan on Friday.

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