Fifth cousins on the Wachman line

Today was fun! When you meet up with a family member that you’ve found through your family history research it is a wonderful feeling.

We have spent the day with Lisa who we found through Ancestry DNA & we have worked out that David & Lisa are fifth cousins descended from Wachmans in Lithuania 🇱🇹. Apparently she takes after her Mum butte we could see a definite resemblance between David, his Dad & Stefan in the photos of Lisa’s male ancestors.

Lisa lives with her husband & 3 kids in Redwood City about 30 minutes from San Francisco. She is a published author of fiction & I can’t wait to read her books. She also teaches writing. She writes under the name Elizabeth Percer. She is lovely & we got along really well & shared family tales & information. Her father has written an amazing book of their family for the family & I wished we had time to read it from cover to cover.

Lisa took us to a great Greek restaurant, Kokkari, in the financial district & we really enjoyed the food & the company. Hopefully she will come to Brisbane some time soon.

Our legs had a rest today & were very thankful for it. We were planning on boarding our ship at midday tomorrow but we’ve been notified that it was diverted out to see by U.S. naval exercises & so won’t dock until 2pm which is a bit disappointing. We are quite ready to be spoilt after all the walking we have done. We will enjoy playing in SF for one more day. We’ve really loved our time here.

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