Art & gardens & of course, food!

Today we set off on foot for the National Art Gallery of Denmark, via the Botanic Gardens & this meant going past the markets so we detoured in to have another delicious flat white & I took some photos of the market. Does this make your mouth water?

The gardens were badly signposted – actually there were no signposts & we had to walk around 2 sides of it before we could find an entry. Plant names were in Danish not Latin as you expect in such a garden & many beds were overgrown with weeds. Not a good look!  It’s right beside the University Botany Department too!  But they did have plenty of pensioner seats for us to stop & rest.

When we found our way out of the gardens we were disorientated but eventually worked out where the gallery was. It was interesting to see the work of some Danish painters rather than all of our old favourites.

These were a couple of my favourites. The top one is by Dahl & the lower one by Skovgaard.

Then we wandered into the beautiful gardens of the Rosenborg Palace where the Danish flag was flying. Perhaps Mary was home?  We didn’t go into the castle to see the Royal jewels as we have seen too many ornate collections gathered while the poor people starved to death.

By this stage we were rather peckish so it was back to the markets for a smorrebrod or Danish Open sandwich. They are delicious, traditional & we really enjoy them. The bread here is wonderful as it has been across Scaninavia. We love it & can’t resist it!

I think David is getting to the stage where he will refuse to walk another step. Just as well we have only one day left to play before we head for home.

2 thoughts on “Art & gardens & of course, food!

  1. Hello from home!

    Have really enjoyed your travel blogs and it will be lovely to have you home. Have a safe and restful trip home.

    Cheers Michelle and Rod

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