“The” Bridge. 

As many of you know, we love the Scandinavian shows on SBS & one of our all time favourites has been The Bridge.  The first series began with a murder & the body was found on the Oresund Bridge which connects Sweden to Denmark. It was strategically placed half in Sweden & half in Norway which meant that the two police forces had to cooperate to solve the murder.

So today we caught the train from Copenhagen to Malmö in Sweden. The train bridge is underneath the vehicle bridge. The bridge runs nearly 8km from the Swedish coast to an artificial island Peberholm where the tracks enter a 4km tunnel to the Danish island of Amager.  It also calls at Copenhagen airport.  The train runs every 20 minutes. The body of water is called Oresund Strait.

Malmö is a pretty town with many potted gardens, lots of restaurants and lovely old buildings.  We had lunch there & came home again.

Now that we are so close to coming home, we both are quite keen for Tuesday to come. We’ve had a wonderful holiday & have some amazing memories which will keep us going for a long time but the thought of our own bed is very attractive. Mind you the bed on the Marina was, I think, the most comfortable bed we’ve ever slept in!

There are at least 2 things you can do in Europe that you can’t do at home:-

  • Catch a train, ride for 40 minutes & have lunch in another country & come back again
  • Take your dog on the train to the other country with you. (A dog sat next to us on the train this morning – on the floor at her owner’s legs. They can even stay in this hotel!)

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