Almost packed & ready to go!

Our amazing holiday is nearly over & we are ready to go home. Today we ran out of energy & just wandered up the street. We went into the Lego shop. It is truly amazing. I could have spent a fortune if I’d had 2 more suitcases & someone to carry them.

The things you can make out of Lego!  I am sure all six of the grandkids would have loved to play in there & we wouldn’t have been able to get them out.

We also went into the Royal Copenhagen store which has some beautiful hand-painted plate ware. We watched an artist at work. She was very quick & very sure in her brush strokes.

And, of course, we had lunch – just fish & chips today in a tin can!

Then we saw a strange thing; a world convention of Santas all gathering in the street with national flags & singing the children’s song Skinamarinky dinky dink. 

The bags are nearly packed. It’s time for home.

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