We do love the European markets!

This morning we walked to Torvhallerne market & were not disappointed, except that we couldn’t stock up & come home & cook up all the lovely vegetables: white asparagus, broad beans, peas, beautiful little caulis……  That’s the bad news about staying in an hotel rather than getting an apartment. I forgot to take pics of the beautiful berries, cherries & other stone fruit but we did stock up on them & on a delcious nougat!  We had another tasty Danish open sandwich for lunch. The bread is so good!  We also had an excellent flat white, a proper one, the best since we left home.

This is a lovely park between our hotel & the market:

After David’s nap & my reading time, we went to the famous Tivoli Gardens which are just a block away. The gardens there are beautifully maintained &, of course, the rides are amazing but not for us. But the grandkids would love it, wouldn’t you all?  Well 5 of you anyway.  (Lotte is a bit small yet). There are many restaurants there too.

I think Copenhagen has almost as many bikes as Amsterdam. Apparently 9,000 pass the door of this hotel every morning.

Only 15,500 steps today!  I think he’s getting used to it!

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