Who would have thought?

Who would have thought David could walk almost 20,000 steps in a day (without complaining)?  Not me but he did today!

We left the hotel (Comfort Hotel Vesterbro – which is reasonably comfortable but we have been spoils over the last two weeks.) about 9:30 & walked up the main shopping street on our way to Amelienborg, the home of the Royal Family. We watched the changing of the guard which was not of the standard of Buckingham Palace & not as entertaining as the Greek guards with their unusual stepping. No flags were flying so our Aussie Princess wasn’t there & nor were other members of the royal family. The ceremony was drawn out. We watched for 45 minutes & it was still going.

We then walked on further to see The Little Mermaid.  She perches on a rock beside the canal & is a tribute to the Hans Christian Andersen start & the ballet of that name.

By this stage we needed a rest so we went into a restaurant with a view over the canal & had a Danish open sandwich – David, ham & me, herring. Very tasty.   The harbour is very busy with dozens of canal tours out on the water all crammed with tourists & all pausing beside the mermaid for photos.

We were going to catch the metro back but weren’t sure where the station was. We asked a guy selling orange juice from a cart & he said: “I get asked these questions a thousand times a day. I am not an information centre.  I just can’t do it”. So he was no help!  All of his customers were tourists but hey, he didn’t want to be helpful.

In the end, we walked back to the hotel. A rest & then dinner at an Italian restaurant across the street. No more walking, the man said!

3 thoughts on “Who would have thought?

  1. You certainly did a lot of walking. How rude of the juice seller – tourists probably keep him in business. If you have time, we took a train (about 40 minutes) to nearby Roskilde. It’s a lovely town and has an amazing Viking museum. My Uncle Ben, married to Pam Alley, was born there. The Tivoli Gardens are also amazing.


    • Hi Kay
      We’ve just been to the Tivoli. It’s lovely eh? Tomorrow we’re going to catch the train across “the bridge” to Malmö – just because we love the TV program filmed there. May have time to do as you suggest. Will see. We fly home on Tuesday. 😊


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