Last port of call

Last night we w ent to Toscana, the Italian speciality restaurant on Marina. It was also excellent & we are still amazed that there is no surcharge for these restaurants. My lobster tagliatelle was delicious:

I really enjoyed the views from our balcony like the sunset last night.

And this morning we woke to our first view of Copenhagen:

The cruise was wonderful. Oceania stinted on nothing. Free shuttles in any port where you couldn’t walk to town.  Everyone was very happy with the cruise. And then they spoiled it!  You could book a transfer from the ship to the city or to the airport for $400!  It’s 8km. Ridiculously exorbitant. So, of course, hardly anyone used them. We all waited for taxis. There were 3 other ships unloading at the same time so we were queueing for just over 2 hrs!  The taxi fare was $50.  So everyone finished the cruise with a bad taste in their mouth.

False economy, I reckon & not very good business.

Our hotel is quite comfortable but we have been spoiled with the luxurious cabin we had on Marina. It is right in the centre of the city. Today we’ve just had a wander to get our bearings. We found a great coffee shop with flat whites & a good restaurant serving typical Danish food where we had Danish roast pork with boiled baby potatoes & pickled red cabbage.

We had our photo taken with Hans Christian Andersen as we walked along the avenue named after him.

Think we’ll enjoy ourselves here.

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