Food glorious food!

Last night we went to Red Ginger,  the speciality Asian restaurant on board. What a treat!  We ordered the share plate first, expecting it to be quite small. Small, it wasn’t:

But it was delicious.

David chose lobster pad Thai as his main & I was choosing Dover sole tempura when the waiter asked if I’d tried their sea bass & when I said I hadn’t she said I should it was delicious.  So I ordered the sea bass.

It was amazing. It had been marinated in palm sugar & soy sauce for 24 hrs & was caramelised. It was so good!  But the waitress said that I needed to try the Dover sole as well so they brought that too!  It was lovely as well but not as good as the sea bass.

We refused dessert as we were so full but the waiter said that we had to, at least, try dessert as it was their speciality. So, there were 2 choices at the bottom of the menu for teaspoons of fancy ice creams so we chose 1 each. But that wasn’t good enough for them. They bought another dessert of 3 egg cup sized serves of icecreams & said we should try. So we did try then & they were lovely but we were so full afterwards that we waddled off to the show.

Tonight we’re going to the Italian restaurant, Toscana but I still feel full from last night.

This morning we docked in Warnemunde, Germany. Many people went on a 12 trip to Berlin but we thought we’d give that a miss & just wandered into Warnemunde which is a delightful little seaside resort. It was a fishing town but now is all about tourism with a wide beach & all these little shelters for hire & a number of wonderful sand sculptures of stories about Sinbad the Sailor.

We have washed & packed & must put our ports outside by 10pm & be off the ship by 9am tomorrow. Then we will explore Copenhagen. We’re getting close to the end of this amazing journey which has been great. We will be happy to be home though.

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