Lazy day at sea!

We’re sitting back in the very comfortable library enjoying our books. It’s been a bit crowded as it has been a miserable day but the sun has come out now so people are moving out to the deck chairs.  Baristas with OK flat whites is just next door so life is good!

We really like some of the art work on the ship. Here’s some for you to enjoy:

The public spaces are elaborate & there are many nooks, crannies & large spaces to socialise or hide away but all tastefully done:

The on-board shop has some lovely goods, probably my favourite is this set of Matroska dolls with 20 pieces but at $3600 it might have to stay in the shop unfortunately.

We really like this ship – we prefer it to the Queen Elizabeth. We love that we can eat at a time that suits us in The Grand Dining Room. We’ve had a lovely breakfast there every day. David has been enjoying grilled lamb chops. They are much more generous with soft drinks, coffees, bottled water, the speciality restaurants all being included. The staff are very friendly & are always cracking jokes. It’s great. We’re loving it & certainly enjoying the luxury!

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