Amazing view from Mt Fløyen 320m above Bergen

Lucky for me, I was so tired last night that I put my head on the pillow & I was asleep but the concert noise kept David awake. It has been going all day since around 10 this morning. We think it’s freezing at 12° tonight but the young ones are heading to the concert in mini skirts & light coats.

So we slept in this morning which was lovely. Our hotel has a really good breakfast with everything you could possibly want but the coffee was so very strong that I couldn’t drink it!

We then wandered up the street & into some lovely little laneways with shops selling all the beautiful knitwear, traditionally made here. Beautiful fair isle jumpers but way too heavy for Brisbane weather.

We took the finicular up to the top of Mt Fløyen one of the 7 hills surrounding Bergen where the view was spectacular.

We were wandering around back in town & came across a “Rock & Roll” cafe so we stopped for lunch. It was a bit of fun & we shared a milkshake for two

We wandered to the port area to see where we board tomorrow & saw one of the other Hurtigruten ships come into port & dock. She just backed in – no tug or assistance.
Our hotel is right beside the harbour & there are some very nice boats moored beside the footpath. Both afternoons we’ve seen many people on board these boats having drinks – some squashed in very close. They wouldn’t need their own music – the concert is loud enough. We could even hear it clearly from up on the mountain.

We board our ship tomorrow afternoon & are looking forward to the next stage of our journey.

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