We’re in Bergen, Norway!

Yesterday we drove from our lovely little “Wheel Lodge” cottage at Port Isaac to Chertsey where we returned the car. We’d prepaid the car hire company to drop us to our Holiday Inn at terminal T5 & the guy jumped in. He didn’t believe in sat navs – said he knew where to go but there are 4 Holiday Inns at Heathrow & our 15 minute drive took 75 minutes. I’m glad we weren’t paying for his time.

This morning our flight was scheduled for 7:55. Lucky the Edelmans are always early. British Airlines had moved it to 7:00 & even when we went to the desk to drop our bags the girl didn’t tell us that the time had changed. After we went through security etc we asked at the I desk. “Oh, it’s too early for it to be on the board. Check later”. So we went & had breakfast then I asked again & this time a different girl said “You’d better hurry. They’ve almost finished boarding”.   Grrrr!  Anyway, we made it, thankfully.

This is the view out of the window as we came in to land at Bergen:

It’s a very pretty place. We are staying in  Brygge the UNESCO protected world heritage site beside the harbour, very close to where we will board the ship on Sunday. We thought walking up the hill in Port Isaac was hard work but we’ve decided we’d prefer it to walking up the mountain here. It is so very steep.
David is very worried about how much seafood he’ll eat over the next few weeks. For lunch today we had King Crab & fish & chips & the crab was so yummy!  For dinner we had Thai which seems very strange. But then on our first night in Vienna in 2007 we had Vietnamese as it was the only place open on a Sunday night. Anyway I enjoyed my pad Thai!

The stories about how expensive it is here are true!  We bought a cup of strawberries, which by the way are delicious, & they cost 40 krone which is about $7.

Kyles, wish you were here!  You could show us around & interpret for us!  And it would be lovely to go with you to the places where you lived.

We’ve chosen a bad weekend to be here. The Bergen festival is on in the park next door to our hotel. Very loud music!  It’s been going all afternoon & will go on until 12:30 & all day tomorrow. Lucky us!  Hope we get some sleep.

2 thoughts on “We’re in Bergen, Norway!

  1. We enjoyed Bergen but found it extremely expensive. Ben almost choked on his beer when he saw the cost!! We did a bus tour last year of Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) and loved it….

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