We’re sailing!

We had a lazy morning & then packed up again to prepare for our cruise. First we visited the Hanseatic Museum which was very interesting. The people of Bergen were part of a massive trading system.  Fish caught in the north of Norway was dried here & exported by ship to Germany & other parts of Europe. The fish was traded for grain which was brought back to Norway. The traders were mainly Germans who lived a very uncomfortable life as young men before returning to Getmany to marry & have families.

Because of the risk of fire in the old buildings which are now the coloured ones which are UNESCO protected, the traders could have neither heat nor light in the working quarters. The cooking was done in a separate area back from the trading area.


We boarded the MS Trollfjord at 4 this afternoon & we’ve had a very nice dinner – lots of beautiful fish, cooked & raw, salmon in many forms. It was delcious.

We’ve unpacked in our cabin, stowed everything away & we sailed at 8. Here’s a couple of views of Bergen as we left. It is, of course, bright sunlight now at 8:35pm. The maximum today was 15°. Snow still sits on the mountain tops. Very beautiful.

One thought on “We’re sailing!

  1. What a wonderful trip and so beautiful. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Just reporting we had a bucket of rain here yesterday. A good day to stay home and get the little jobs done. Beautiful winter’s day today with a very strong breeze!

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