The COUCH family from Port Isaac

It’s taken me months and months to write the story of my Port Isaac family because I’ve been sidetracked by so many deviations. It has been a lot of fun and has kept me occupied through Covid but I was determined to complete the story in 2020. The family connections are quite complicated but I’ve loved discovering and documenting so much information about the COUCH family. There is much more that I have not included here. I could have written a whole book, I reckon but I’ve focussed on the occupations of this intrepid family of seafarers. I hope you find it interesting!

It is now July 4 and I have made a couple of corrections to my story, thanks to my cousin Beryl and to Geoff Provis so I will attach the updated document.

So here it is:

8 thoughts on “The COUCH family from Port Isaac

  1. Great research Di, it does help a lot when you visit the area where your ancestors lived. I found a lot of information when I visited the birthplace of my great grandparents in County Clare Ireland 4 years ago,
    Family history is one of my favourite pastimes, and I look after the DNA for 8 people now.

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  2. Di
    Congratulations on your account. Many many hours of research here!! Like you, I believe that you can have “things” in your genes. Port Isaac is a beautiful place now. When your ancestors lived there the sea, without the protective wall, would have been treacherous. Their lives would not have been easy and I imagine that many died before their time!

    Helen V

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    • Thanks Helen. So much information was there to be found. I just kept burying myself deeper & deeper. It is all so interesting. Now to research my birth father more deeply & write his story. He was a bit of a lad, I reckon. Should be fascinating. I won’t start until after Christmas though. I hope you have a lovely break & a calming rest. You’ve had such a busy year. 🤗


  3. Hello Di
    I have just discovered your blog which I found so interesting particularly as I have been researching the Couch family on behalf of my husband!
    His grandmother was Annie Sweet (née Couch) born in 1882 who married Fletcher Sweet.
    I would v much like to exchange and share information with you but am new to this site. Is there a way we can message privately?
    Jan Sweet

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