Misty & Stormy in Moorea

We boarded our ship, Sirena at noon yesterday & have settled very easily back into life aboard a beautiful Oceania Line ship. It’s half the size of the Marina. Our cabin is still very nice but obviously, not as roomy as the one on Marina – especially the bathroom.

The food is still very very special & it’s not too difficult for me to find something which meets my new dietary requirements of pesto-vegetarian.

This morning was very stormy & our snorkelling & ray feeding excursion was cancelled so that was very disappointing as we were looking forward to it. I really wanted David to have a go as he has never snorkelled before.

We anchored in the atoll here at Moirea at 8am. Here’s a couple of pics I took. 

3 thoughts on “Misty & Stormy in Moorea

  1. Hope there may be another time for Dave to snorkel. I tried it once in PNG but almost drowned when I saw something I did really recognise and I got water in my pipe…..


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  2. Shame abour your excursion. Even with the inclement weather there is a beauty to the bay. You will have to give David the experience for a gift at some stage!!


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