It’s very hot & steamy in Tahiti tonight

But it didn’t rain!

Here we are in Papeete, Tahiti on another lovely holiday. Yesterday, Valentine’s Day in Australia, we flew to Auckland & onto Papeete in time to arrive here at 11:30pm on the 13th & have our second Valentine’s Day.

The Hotel we originally booked was flooded a couple of weeks ago but luckily we found another – not fancy but the aircon works & the bed was ok.

We’ve had a few mishaps that we will remember. Someone left the carry on bag on the security X-ray thingy, someone nearly left their glasses on the plane & someone else took us completely in the wrong direction when we went off to find breakfast but all was well in the end.

We had dinner tonight at ‘the trucks’ which is like an ‘eat street’ on wheels which has apparently operated for 30 years or so. It was pleasant there beside the harbour which is where we will board our ship on Thursday.

It’s been too hot to do much. We went to the market & bought a bunch of delicious local bananas & wandered around the streets a little once we found ourselves. But there’s been a lot of resting in the air con in our room.  Storms were forecast for the whole day & for the next two days but apart from when we arrived last night, there has been no rain.

Here’s a couple of pics of the harbour & one of the trucks. 

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