Our new Norwegian friends

Here is David with Olav & Bjorg chatting & watching the scenery out of the front of the ship. They are a very interest couple who worked in Tanzania teaching physics, maths (Olav) & English (Bjorg) for a couple of years. They then returned to live in a central area of Norway. They built their own home when they retired – they didn’t manage the project they actually built it by themselves. They love Criss country skiing although Bjorg has had 2 knee replacements so she has had to stop. They have a hut in the mountains where they go for skiing with their family of 2 boys & an adopted Vietnamese daughter who was 5 when she came to live with them. They have 10 grandchildren too. Olav also worked in Antarctica as a glaceologist. Fascinating people living a very different life from ours.

More scenery from the last 24 hours (Kylie has requested more pics). Hope you like them.

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