An easy day (Friday 24th)

After so much excitement last night with seeing the midnight sun we needed an easy day today. At midnight last night, out on deck, we face timed the Wangs so the kids could see the sun shining brightly at midnight. Sharing that moment with the grandkids & Sally was a highlight for us. They were really excited about it. I didn’t think the WiFi would work as it is fairly haphazard in places (understandingly) but it cooperated excellently for a few minutes.

This morning, after we washed (that needed doing …. A woman’s work is never done) we were docked in Honningsvag for a couple of hours so we wandered through town. It was just a little fishing village. David wasn’t impressed with the smell of fish. We found a half-way decent coffee & sat in the sun to drink it. It was really quite warm & we needed no coat at all.

However, I just went out on deck to do my laps to bring my step count up to 10000 & it was freezing & raining. I reckon you could call it sleet. Tomorrow morning we arrive in Kirkenes where we turn around & head back to Burgen calling at different ports along the way.

We’re waiting for 8:30 for our dinner. We were allocated the late sitting. Our table mates, Jo & Brian, disembark at Kirkenes to start heading home. We will miss them. They’ve been good company.

No photos tonight. The WiFi is very weak at the moment.

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