A very beautiful voyage comes to an end

As we cruise the last few hours into Bergen & review our cruise of the Norwegian fjords, we are very pleased we have visited these stunning areas.

The Hurtigruten cruise is not flash but we didn’t expect it to be. It has been very comfortable though & it is really interesting to see all the little ports & beautiful areas that the big liners can’t enter.  My bed was comfortable but David said his was too hard. The shower was hot, our cabin was warm, no complaints there.

Breakfast & lunch were buffets offering plentiful supplies of everything you could possibly want. The company sources fresh product from all the little ports & makes every effort to support local suppliers & let passengers know where the food has been produced. This was great.

Dinner was not as good. It is set seating & a set 3 course meal served to table. There is no choice. We feel that they could at least offer alternate drop. David has had too much fish; for me it has been wonderful. You do see the dinner menu at lunch so you know what you’re getting. There is another restaurant where you can pay extra to have a la carte dining but there are only 4 main choices & the menu didn’t change at all for the 11 nights. We went once. I had roast reindeer which was delicious, David’s steak was too red for him & tough. Another night when fish was on the menu, he asked at lunch if he could have meat instead & that was no problem to staff.

Of course, all the extras are expensive but Scandinavia is expensive so not much you can do about. Just enjoy it!

It has been a most enjoyable 11 days. We are very rested & have seen some beautiful scenery which must be amongst the most beautiful in the world.   We are very very pleased that we have cruised with MS Trollfjord.

With hindsight, we wish that we had just cruised from Bergen to Kirkenes & flown back south which would have allowed us some time in Oslo & Stockhom but we have enjoyed all of the cruise. If you’re thinking of doing the cruise, that is what we’d recommend.

One thought on “A very beautiful voyage comes to an end

  1. Sounds great Di. Here’s hoping for some travel at some stage soon. Look forward to the next leg of your travels. Dawn & Trevor xx


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