Feeling very relaxed

Tonight’s our last night on MS Trollfjord & we’re sitting watching the ever stunning scenery pass us by & sipping on a cocktail. It’s very pleasant & we’ve had a very relaxing day. The washing is done, we’re almost packed & we’re meeting up with our new Norwegian friends for dinner.

We slept in this morning & almost missed the morning visit to Trondheim. It was quite rough last night for the first time as we were out in open sea, most of the time we’ve been protected by islands.

This afternoon we stopped briefly in Kristiansund, a pretty place. It was wiped out by bombing in WWII so the houses all date from the 1950s on.

The crew are a mixture mainly of Norwegian & Swedish people. They work 2 cruises up & back (22 days) & then have 22 days off. The Swedes like to work in Norway as the pay is better & they like working on the ships because they don’t need to have a home in Norway – they go home to Sweden for their days off. One young fellow was from Tromsø. He’d done his 22 days when we got to Tromsø so he was off to London for a weeks holiday as soon as the boat docked. He had 30 minutes to get to the airport.

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