The world’s most powerful current in a rib boat!

We’ve done it. It was very exciting. This is the special gear we dressed in, we felt like astronauts but it kept us warm.

The suit was really heavy & we had two thicknesses of warm gloves. 2 hats & my hood kept falling down over my goggles which I had on over my glasses so seeing anything was a bit tricky on the way out but I had it sorted by the time we were out at the Saltstraumen. It is the worlds most powerful tidal current.  Four times a day, 13 billion cubic feet of water are forced in & out through a passage 150 metres wide & 31metres deep. My photos don’t do it justice unfortunately.

We also saw parts of the Caledonian Fold Belt, a range of mountains dating back 250 million years.

A sea eagle or white tailed eagle flew over the boat. They are the largest eagle in the world with a wing span up to 2.6 metres. There was a nest with two babies on one of the cliff tops. I couldn’t get a photo of them as my camera was stowed in my pocket at that time.

We were away from MS Trollfjord for about 2.5 hrs so we were more than ready to stop bouncing up & down & to be able to stand up & stretch by the time we returned.

Here’s my best picture of the eddies where the tide is rushing by.

I’ll post further pictures in a separate blog as two seems to be the maximum in any one

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