Hammerfest, the world’s most northernmost town

This morning we docked in Hammerfest for a couple of hours where we visited the museum of reconstruction. In WWII, Germany occupied Norway & when the Russians were defeating Germany, Hitler ordered a scorched earth policy & they bnrnt all the towns from Kirkenes down. Many people hid in caves in the mountains until they were liberated by Russia. The museum showed the story of how the towns were all reconstructed. It was very interesting.

There are many reindeers in the area & they were becoming a menace coming right into town at night & messing up the town so they have built 20 km of fencing around the town.

We didn’t see any live polar bears unfortunately but we did see this stuffed one. I didn’t see any Bundy rum, though.

This afternoon the sun came out again & it is another fine sunny night. We are back in the snow capped mountains again now & it is so beautiful in every direction.

Three times so far the captain has come over the loud speaker saying there are whales beside the boat. Once we saw a few fins gently poking above the water but I’d really like to see more.

It is after 10pm. We’ve had dinner & are sitting up at the front of the boat in a closed-in area reading our books, drinking tea & watching the little farms at the base of the snow capped mountains slowly glide past. It could be 10 am at home. It’s so very bright & sunny. We’re so lucky to see this.

2 thoughts on “Hammerfest, the world’s most northernmost town

  1. It must be a bit weird being in the “land of the midnight sun”! Hard to imagine a place where the sun doesn’t go down in the summer time. Mind you they have a lot of dark hours in the winter don’t they? Loving the blog. Gets my travel toes itching again….


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