Trondheim & the royal yacht 

This morning we docked in Trondheim for a few hours & I really wanted to do the kayak tour but my shoulder is still sore from the surgery just before we left so I had to give it a miss, sadly. But I had to be sensible. Instead tomorrow we’re doing a rib boat tour so that should be fun.

We walked into the city of Trondheim which is Norway’s third biggest city with a population of approx 180,000. It is very historical & has some beautiful old buildings & a lovely river.

Hurtigruten is a coastal freighting company & passenger transport & our ship can accomodate just over 800 guests as well as 32 cars & freight. A lot of Norwegians use the ships as a way to travel between the ports to get home or go to the doctor etc. those in the little places we visit also use it as their local coffee shop & come on board for the 20 minutes or so that we are in port to grab a coffee. Our kiosk is open 24/7.

This afternoon we travelled through a narrow straight & the Norwegian royal yacht with the king & queen was anchored there. They are celebrating their 25th jubilee with a little holiday. We were asked to go up on deck to wave & cheer. Some of the staff of the yacht lined up on deck as we passed & perhaps the King or maybe the captain. Who knows?

We also sailed past a very quaint old lighthouse this afternoon.

We’ve been allocated the late dinner time of 8:30 which is very late for us, as you know, but with it being sunny until midnight, we go to bed late & sleep in so it’s all good.

I’m living on fish – most of it raw or smoked salmon which is delicious & I’m loving it – for breakfast & lunch. Dinner is a set menu – tonight the entree is fish something, duck for mains & rhubarb compote. They try to use all local product which they pick up from the ports we visit. David is not so keen on fish but there’s plenty of choice at breakfast & lunch. So we’re all good.

5 thoughts on “Trondheim & the royal yacht 

  1. So much beauty in the world if you get a chance to see it. It sounds like you are eating your way around this holiday! I’m with you, give me fish any time! Beautiful blue skies here this morning and a bit crisp!


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