Spectacular scenery!

The scenery all day has been wonderful. The weather has been kind until about 5 but then it showered. We’ve had a lazy day, watching this beautiful world go past & reading our books.

Tonight the sun will set at 12:03 & rise at 3:15. It seems very strange.

The buffet breakfast & lunch are everything you could want them to be. Dinner is a set menu with no choice for any of the three courses. We weren’t impressed with dinner tonight but we did enjoy breakfast & lunch. We have a pleasant couple from Newcastle at our dinner table which is the only one which is set seating. Just the 4 of us!

I think doing Scenic River cruises where everything is included in the one-off cost has spoiled us for others. On this ship you pay for everything except your 3 meals & everything is expensive as you would expect in Norway. A cappuccino cost the equivalent of $8.

Here’s a couple of photos from today: the second one I took at 10:30pm. There’s lots of snow on the mountain tops.

4 thoughts on “Spectacular scenery!

  1. I see good advise from Jac there Di & David! Can’t see the photos this time. River cruising does spoil you when it comes to the inclusions and the lovely food.


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