Charlestown Shipwreck Centre

Today we visited this centre in Charlestown. It was very interesting & includes a display of articles from the Titanic. I was hoping there’d be some mention of my 2nd cousin (I think that’s right – maybe 3rd), Frank Couch,  who was a crewman on the Titanic, was drowned & is buried in Halifax, Canada.  He was Margaret’s great uncle. There is some info on online but I thought there might be more in this display since he was a local boy. But disappointing

Here’s some info on the Titanic:

Here you put the postcode into the sat Nav & it takes you right to your destination which is really handy but our lady does seem to take us on some very narrow roadways. I videod some to show you what it’s like today. I hope it will load. The scenery everywhere here is so beautiful. Everything is so very green & lush.

Sorry, can’t load the video at the moment so here’s another view of Port Isaac. You can see Doc Martin’s house across the water. All the grassy area above the house is part of Roscarrock Farm where Elizabeth & Isaac were working according to the 1861 census. He was a carter & she, a cook. They married in 1862 & migrated to Melbourne where they worked on a dairy farm.

Their daughter, Rebecca married a Joseph Burgess who ended up owing 5 dairy farms where St Kilda is now in Melbourne. He was the first farmer there to introduce refrigeration to the dairy in 1917.

2 thoughts on “Charlestown Shipwreck Centre

  1. Sorry to hear that the shipwreck Centre didn’t have the info you wanted… Now you’ll just have to go to 🇨🇦.

    Such a beautiful area hey! Makes you wonder why they packed up and left!! 👜💼⛴🛳


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