Another new cousin!

This is Margaret Couch from Port Isaac. I found her in the phone book, called her & she met us for lunch. Margaret was born in a house in Fore St, Port Isaac & still lives there today. It was really great to talk to her about our ancestors & our lives. Her great grandfather, Francis Couch, was the brother of my GG grandmother who migrated to Australia in 1862 with her husband Isaac Hawker.
Margaret took us to St Endellion Churchyard where many of the family buried & I now have photos of some of the graves. The graveyard was overgrown with long wet grass & it was an overcast windy day so I didn’t stay as long as I would have liked.

We had lunch at the lovely Trevathan Farm Shop & Restaurant & David enjoyed another Cornish Pasty – he’s had quite a few!  I’ve been enjoying the fish cakes!

Before we met Margaret we visited St Kew church & graveyard. This is another parish where the family worshipped & were buried.

The news from the US is terrible today with the attack on LBGTI people enjoying themselves in Orlando. I feel for the families of the people who were killed. Hate, discrimination & bullying should have no place in our world!  How can we eliminate it?

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