Whoops!  We should have booked!

After Bradford-on-Avon, we planned to visit Wedmore where David’s ancestors (Edwin Raines Dowling & his wife Jane née Warfield) lived prior to moving to Australia. It reads like another lovely village & we wanted to explore but first we needed to organise our bed for the night. Surprisingly, no B&Bs on the side of the road on the way in. Then the hotels were all full!  Someone sent us to a farm 5 mins away but we drove for 20 & no sight of it. Found another pub; full too!  A delightful young lady who’d studied in Australia spent time on the phone for us……  Nothing so we decided to head to Taunton, our next stop where the Somerset Heritage Centre is. Then we spotted a B&B so we pulled in. No sorry, this place is no longer operating – we should take down the sign. But “The Fox & Goose” will have a room. He started to give directions – but then said follow me & he led us there – where we got a room. It was Burnham-on-Sea.  Very comfortable but by the time we arrived, tempers were a wee bit strained!

So this morning we visited the Taunton Heritage Centre for a couple of hours & did find info on this Jane & her husband Edwin!

Then on to the very beautiful Port Isaac where my GG Grandparents (Isaac Hawker & Elizabeth Couch) were born in 1840.  They were married in 1862 & then migrated to Melbourne. It is also Port Wen of Doc Martin fame.   Census documents show the Couch family at some stage living in Geranium Cottage at 31 Middle St. We found the house today – here it is:

The country is so hilly, the coast so rugged, roads so narrow that driving three miles from our little home “Wheel Cottage” on a working sheep farm into town is very scary.
But it is so pretty. Life must have been very hard back in the ‘olden days’!

We had dinner at the Gaverne Hotel. Gaverne is the next little bay from Port Isaac. There is no car park. The road is one lane wide & cars are parked every which way in any tiny space. It’s a nightmare!

Our first rain of the trip fell today. We’ve had beautiful warm sunny weather until now so can’t complain.

3 thoughts on “Whoops!  We should have booked!

  1. Sounds like you are having some great adventures as well as a voyage of discovery. The family history is very interesting. Enjoy your research. D xx


    • Just on the outside! When I searched on line for Geranium Cottage last year, I found that it had been a holiday rental but was for sale so you couldn’t rent it. But the people who were there had just moved in. They were renting for a week. It had sold, new owners refurbished it & then put it up for rent. Would have been great to be staying there!

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