A Doc Martin tour & we found more…..

This morning we went on a walking tour of Port Isaac to hear the details of the filming for Doc Martin & to learn about the history of Port Isaac. Our guide, Dave Morgan, has been an extra in all series of the show except the second one. He was also in Poldark, the other show filmed in this area. However, he only moved here in 1986 so his history didn’t go back as far as I would have liked. Apparently there will be at least two more series of the Doc. They have booked to film beginning next March for 4 months & again in March 2019.

David didn’t much enjoy the walking up & down the hills on the tour but it was very interesting. After the tour we had a lobster salad at ‘Fresh from the Sea’ & I washed it down with a Cornish cider. Until we arrived here I have done all the driving but here with these narrow roads, I reckon David has a lot more experience with narrow one lane roads & backing up so he’s got the job! (He apparently had quite a reputation for not being the one to back up underground.)

We then wandered into a little bookshop next to the restaurant & it was a great find. The owner was a Port Isaac man & could chat about life in the village 60 years ago. We bought a book, “The Fishermen of Port Isaac” which contains photos of some of the Couch fishermen & details of the ships they owned & captained. That’s fun!

There’s still a Couch living here, Margaret who is definitely related. From what I can work out, her great grandfather was my GG grandmother’s brother. I’ve tried to call her to see if she’d like to meet but she hasn’t picked up yet. Fingers crossed she’s not away on holidays!

Here’s a pic of Doc Martin’s house & a view of the spectacular scenery:

5 thoughts on “A Doc Martin tour & we found more…..

  1. Did the doc’s little dog friend come out to meet you?

    So with David not enjoying the hills … He was having an authentic doc Martin experience with the grumps and all 😡😤😖 heehee 😜


  2. Hi Di & David – the weather looks good and Port Isaac is a beautiful little place. I bet it is busy now I went there before Doc Martin existed. Cornwall is a very special place. Keep enjoying. Chris

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