Today we once again became familiar with the London public transport system & if you have a map & a tube map, it’s pretty easy to get around What’s more people are very ready to help if you’re in trouble which is great. After a cold day yesterday, today was sunny & warm so much so that as I write this at 6:25pm, I’m sitting out in our little garden in

the sunshine.  Very pleasant!

David wanted to go back to the British Museum today, a place he really enjoys. When we got there, he decided he’d already seen the things he wanted to see & didn’t want to see them again. I giggled to myself. We wandered around for a few hours and were amazed at the huge numbers of people that were there.

Being big fans of the TV program, Selfridges, we wanted to visit Harry’s store. Of course, it’s nothing like it used to be now, being very similar to DJs back home with all the brand names occupying their own individual areas. The major difference is that it’s much much larger. I found some sandals I liked but they didn’t have any large enough for my ‘plates of meat’. There are 11 restaurants in the store & we decided to have a Sunday roast lunch. David had beef with Yorkshire pudding & I had the chicken. They were massive serves but very tasty – no way we could clean our plates.

We easily found our way back to Waterloo & the train to Wimbledon Station & jumped on the 93 bus to bring us home. Nothing looked familiar! You guessed it! We were heading away from home instead of towards home. But we did get home! There’s a great deal of construction happening in London, cranes tower over the skyline everywhere you look. It’s certainly a happening city!

2 thoughts on “

  1. Not like Dave to leave food on the plate.
    Nothing like a senior transport moment when your travelling , just treat it as extra scenery for no extra cost.
    Don w


  2. Sounds like a great start to a great holiday Dapper and Dinky. Hope the Wimbledon Common doesn’t get the better of you. Getting lost is always part of the holiday experience we find. Cheers, Dawn & Trevor


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