No Womble Sightings Yet!

Some 29 hours after leaving home, we arrived at our lovely little studio apartment, Roundacre 13, in Wimbledon, London where the tennis crowd is expected as soon as the French Open finishes. Our lovely landlady Elaine collected us from Heathrow which is an amazing service & very welcome, I can tell you.

We had quite a good flight with Singapore Airlines & it began with a sumptuous lunch shortly after take-off. Fresh crab & mango salad for entree, mains of lamb for David & crispy skinned salad for me ( neither of which will be a surprise to anyone who knows us well), strawberry icecream with fresh berries for dessert, followed by an assortment of cheeses & concluding with coffee & chcolates. Yum. I must say I enjoyed the Tattingers as well!

The flight to Singapore was on a A330 which was not nearly as comfortable as the Boeing 777-300 which we had for the longer leg. We both agree that we found it to be the most comfortable plane we’ve ever experienced – even better than the A380 as the bed is so roomy & we both had really sound sleeps.) We gave dinner a miss after such a large lunch & we had just a light nibble in the lounge in Singapore.. The thing we have enjoyed most when we have flown the A380 is the opportunity to leave your seat & go to the bar to meet our fellow travellers. On one trip we met a couple from Mozambique & it was great to chat to them & learn about their country & culture.

Breakfast this morning before we touched down was another delcious feast: juice, fresh fruit, granola, dim sum for me & an omelette for David.

The food on Singapore Airlines is definitely a plus! As is their staff. The attendants on the flights were friendly & helpful & you couldn’t have asked for more.

After we unpacked, we caught the bus to Wimbledon village which is a delightful place – it was very difficult to choose an eatery to have lunch but we managed- Cafe Rouge offered French Onion Soup so how could you go past that on a cool overcast afternoon?  It wasn’t as special as the real stuff I loved in France in 2013 but it still was pretty damn good

First though it was time for a coffee & we were very happy to find a flat white at Nero Coffee which was as good as those we have at home! Our first funny moment of the trip came when we were on the bus back home & we realised that we hadn’t noticed what stop we caught the bus at, so we didn’t know when to get off. We did get off at the right stop but turned the wrong way & had to call Elaine to get directions. We’re obviously a bit jet-lagged. That’s my excuse anyway!

We’re taking it easy this afternoon in preparation for a few full days exploring London.


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