The Charming Squire in South Brisbane

4 of us went to The Charming Squire across from QPAC in South Brisbane last Wednesday before going to the Lion King. It’s a new place & we’d been looking forward to trying it. We ordered drinks and then a main course. Our Drinks arrived promptly but it took an hour for our meals to arrive . When they did, they were very disappointing. Three of us had the roast pork which tasted nothing like roast pork – more like steamed pork. Our friend’s sausages were cold. It was a very large serve of three fat sausages & we had seen it sitting on the servery waiting for delivery for quite a few minutes. The kitchen seemed to be in a state of chaos & serving staff appeared to be standing around looking for something to do. We don’t recommend the charming squire. We will probably give it another try but if there’s no improvement, we won’t be going back. We’d give it 5/10.

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