Lion King Brisbane

On Wednesday night we went to the Lyric Theatre at QPAC to see The Lion King with one of my daughters & my friend. We all agreed that the animal puppets are absolutely incredible. They are brilliant. I especially loved the giraffes which seemed to move just as a real giraffe moves & the elephants. You have to really admire the clever people who designed these puppets.

The African singing & the dancing was also brilliant but where some of the narrative depended on the words of the songs, it was disappointing as all of us had difficulty hearing the words. The orchestra appeared to overpower the voices. We have noticed this problem at the Lyric before so are wondering if the problem is actually the acoustics of the building. I found the singing of both the young & the older Simba particularly difficult to understand.

I really enjoyed the way the sets involved using the dancers to create the scene. The grass was depicted by dancers moving gracefully across the stage whilst carrying what appeared to be boards with tall grass stems coming out of them on their heads. It was great.

The Lion King wasn’t my favourite musical of all time but I did really enjoy it & would recommend it if only to experience those wonderful animals coming down the aisles beside you! I’d rate it 7 out of 10.

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