Pictorial story of our train ride from Paris to Southamptonj

Without luggage this would have been easy. With two suitcases and two carry-on bags and a handbag and a man bag, it was a bit of a tussle but we managed it surprisingly easily. Here’s the story in pictures beginning with the beautiful sunrise out the window of our Paris apartment.

We needed a beer when we arrived so I, of course, had a pint. Delicious it was too!

Today we board our ship. During our one night in England, I’ve had a pint, fish and chips and peas (although they weren’t mushy) and ridden in a London cab. So that’s a pretty good effort. (We have spent considerable time in England before but this visit is very short.)

We are ready to be spoiled. We know that the Oceania Marina crew will take very good care of us. Bring it on.