Neuschwanstein Castle & Zugspitze Mountain

On Thursday, David went on an adventure to Neuschwanstein Castle & Zugspitze along with the other 22 people on our tour. It was a lot of walking and many steps to climb but he said he managed to do it all. He said no wonder King Ludwig went bankrupt as inside was very opulent but he ran out of money before it was finished. He loved Wagner and gave a lot of money to him for his music. This is said to be the castle that Disney used as a model for his Sleeping Beauty castle.

They went up to the top of Zugspitze,the highest mountain in Germany in a cog train and came down in the chairlift. Unfortunately they could not see the amazing view as the top was completely shrouded in cloud.

David is not too keen on taking photos but with the assistance of one of the guys, Michael he did take a couple of shots. Of course, there was nothing to photograph in the cloud at the top of Zugspitze.

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