Who would we find?

Day 4 was a busy day driving around Wiltshire visiting villages searching for links to our ancestors. Our fearless driver, Ben finds his way through narrow lanes, in and out of tight spots. I’m so glad I’m sitting quietly in the back seat.

Our first destination was Winsley where we found nothing bud did think about my 3rd great grandparents, John YORK and Sarah SHINGLE who married on 29 November 1798. Then in South Wraxall, it was my GG Grandparents, Hannah HUDD and George YORK who married.

Views of Winsley

We then drove through Hawkeridge which seems to now be an industrial estate. It was there that Thomas ALLEY, my 4th Great Grandfather was born to Henry & Jane ALLEY on 14th October 1700. Near there in Holt, on 6th April, 1817 my GGG Grandparents William HARRINGTON & Ann POWELL were married.

Westbury was our next stop and it was coffee time. Fortunately we found a little take-away shop open & it had beautiful carrot cake. We walked down the street to find Holy Trinity Church. I just loved this tree – I wonder how old it is

How old is this tree in Westbury?

The church we found was The Parish Church of All Saints. Whereas we were looking for The Holy Trinity Church. It was a lovely old church and we searched the graveyard for any names from our tree.

Taken from “A Short History”
The church was quite large and had many beautiful stained glass windows.

We stocked up on groceries in Westbury and then found the Baptist Church on our way out of town but found nothing of importance there. We couldn’t leave town without seeing the famous Westbury white horse and here it is:https://www.britainexpress.com/counties/wiltshire/ancient/westbury-white-horse.htm

Then we were off to Dilton Marsh where we found St Mary’s Church where my GG Grandmother was baptised on 21 October 1808.

Kay, George & I in front of the very font! Wow!

We searched for gravestones we might recognise but found none. It’s very sad to see the state of so many graves and graveyards.

We then moved onto the Dilton Baptist Chapel where my GGGG grandparents, Thomas ALLEY & Martha TAYLER were married on 15 September 1730 and my GG Grandparents, john GOULD & Ann MILLARD were married on 24 September 1827. Their son, Alfred GOULD was baptised in the church on 26 March 1832.

Dilton Chapel

There were many graves here and we took photos of those with names we recognised. There were many MILLARDS & as we check our family trees we will probably find some that match.

Sunday roast at The Hollies in Dilton was next and was delicious!

Then onto North Bradley where we were hunting the GULY or GULEY family. We found the very large grave of Gifford GULY & his wife Ann TADD. It was most impressive!

Gifford GULY & Ann TADD with a Vault memorial.
St Nicholas Church with the GULY Vault

We found other GULY graves too and will try to match them to our tree but it was time to head back to Freshford to put our feet up. What a day!

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