Telstra: Three months on: still no home phone

Our NBN internet is working beautifully but we have no home phone. We are, at the moment, still with Telstra but I have spent countless hours on the phone speaking with numerous people at their call centres in India over the last couple of months and I am sick of it. They ask us to do the same tests over and over again and then explain that it is a problem in our local area. Then I receive another call, do the tests again & again am told that it’s a problem in the area. Every day, I receive at least one call, if not two .

Today I missed a call from them but they left a message to say if I didn’t call back in 24 hours, they would close the issue. I called and was speaking to a woman when we were cut off. I rang the number provided again and my call went to billing and this woman told me that the call centre was having problems and calls were being directed to the wrong area. They can’t even get their own phones to work properly. Why do I think they can fix ours?

Come on Telstra! Surely you can do better!

5 thoughts on “Telstra: Three months on: still no home phone

  1. In the age of no choice about the wonderful technology which is imposed on us, the lack of ability on Telstra’s behalf to resolve your issue is a great concern, especially when the NBN has been promised as the answer to our needs. Poor outcome from Telstra, frustrating service delivery/problem solving and an unnecessary stress to the client. Telstra get it together. A very poor way to serve you customers who are your income!

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  2. Hi Di and David

    Wow welcome to 2020 – 20 years after the infamous Y2K debacle and still the NBN is hopeless. You must be so angry and frustrated. It isn’t wonderful how all Australian large companies have outsourced their their contact centers to offshore poor Asian countries. Those poor call center bastards must be constantly abused.

    The NBN has been available to me for over a year now but fortunately I haven’t switched yet & I won’t until I must in November this year. Not looking forward to it!

    Regards Chris

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