No potato peel pie – just Cornish Pasties!

I was really excited to visit the home of that lovely book and film about Guernsey during the Nazi occupation in WWII. We were disappointed to hear from some of the shopkeepers that the movie was actually filmed in Cornwall and even the shoreline shots were not actually Guernsey. If you haven’t read the book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, I recommend it.

David started the day with his typical Oceania breakfast of lamb chops, bacon, tomato, hash brown followed by toast and marmalade. At home he has just toast and tomato.

We then rode the tender across and wandered through the streets of Guernsey. It was a lovely place to explore. David saw The Cornish Pasty Company shop so in we went for pasties and coffee (flat whites even with soy milk). We certainly didn’t need any lunch back on board.

I bought a lovely shirt in one of the many interesting little boutiques and they don’t have any VAT so the price was right.

The entertainer tonight was Chris Hamilton, an English piano showman and he could certainly tickle the ivories. He even played The Entertainer, my favourite piece of music.

Another great day!

11 thoughts on “No potato peel pie – just Cornish Pasties!

  1. As a Guernsey girl myself, I was disappointed in the film because it was not filmed in Guernsey. Not only was it filmed in Devon but the landlady/housekeeper had a broad Devonshire accent. They could have so easily put some originality into the film. The storyline was lovely.

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  2. The book was a complete travesty. Written by a yank who spent a couple of hours on the island off a cruise ship. No local names, no local geography, cringe worthy Americanisms, none of the beautiful local Patois. And there was NEVER a potato peel pie! Signed, a proud Guernseywoman.


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