Neighbours & Fauchon

Today was a quiet day. An easy morning with just a short walk to the local Carrefour to buy some coffee pods to refill the jar waiting here for us when we arrived. Of course, we had to have a coffee on the way. No one has soy here so I’m having to drink my coffee black so I’m just having espresso. We flew over on Etihad and they had no dairy alternatives on board. Pretty slack of them, I reckon.

We live in a complex with 34 units. Would you believe that two other couples from that complex in Australia are in Paris at the moment too. We all met up on the Pont Neuf today & wandered up the street to find a restaurant. Unfortunately we didn’t pick too well. I have very pleasant memories of a wonderful bowl of onion soup that I had here in 2013. Even though my digestive system doesn’t cope well with onions or garlic now, I had onion soup for lunch but it was so disappointing. Nothing like I remembered. And I suffered after so definitely not worth it.

However it was good to meet up, have a chat and compare travel stories and the waitress was excellent which always makes for a pleasant experience.

Then David and I walked to a shop full of goodies, Fauchon – chocolates, desserts, pates, cheeses, jamon, wine etc. We bought just a few jellies and a couple of small chocolate bars but we did go to their cafe for a pot of tea & Mille feuille.

So a quiet but good day.

2 thoughts on “Neighbours & Fauchon

  1. Loving your travelogue – I know you were lighting up the town – but Notre Dame???? Continue to enjoy and keep us enthralled by your wonderfully evocative writing. Robyn

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