Calming Japanese garden & tea house

This morning we wandered up the street after breakfast to refill the grocery cupboard & of course, we had to have a coffee. We found a place called The Mill & again there was a queue & a shortage of tables but we scored one. It also sold beautiful breads & served some as toasts with seasonal jams. So we had to try one of course. My choice was a molasses bread with raspberry jam. It was delicious. This city is all about baking & breads & goodies.

After stocking the fridge, we caught the bus to the Japanese garden & tea house. These beautiful gardens in Golden Gate Park were created for the 1894 exhibition in San Francisco so everything is very well established & so peaceful. It was so lovely to go there. Reminded me our vista Japan which I loved. We wandered the gardens for a while & then caught the bus to Ocean Beach. It’s a very wide beach & there were some people there but it was very windy & cold so we didn’t linger long. This afternoon has been one of napping & resting. We both needed it. Tomorrow to Chinatown.

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