The Embarcadero & Wako Restaurant

I think we have the hang of San Francisco after going exploring this morning. We found the Muni kiosk where we bought our ticket for riding any of the public transport for the 7 days of our stay & then caught a bus & a street car to find Pier 41 to collect our tickets for the Alcatraz ferry tomorrow. We then played around Pier 39 which is the famous Fishermen’s Wharf. There were lots of seafood restaurants but we wanted only a light lunch so we shared a crabwich which is, of course, a crab sandwich. It was quite tasty but nowhere near as good as the ones Mum used to make when Dad was a professional fisherman & crabber nor as good as the ones we always had if we were passing through Miriamvale.


We saw these beautiful berries & cherries at the wharf. One of the great things about visiting the Northern Hemisphere in our summer is we have all the lovely stone fruits for an extended time.

Tonight we shouted ourselves dinner at Wako Japanese Restaurant which has one Michelin Star. The food was wonderful but otherwise we were very disappointed. It was a cold evening but our jackets were not taken for us. Wait staff bumped into my chair every time they served food to another table. What was worse, they were removing plates from one of us before the other had finished that course & bringing the next course immediately. We were eating as slowly as we could but even so, we were in & out in an hour. They are certainly not part of the slow food movement! When you are paying so much for an experience, you really feel ripped off when you are rushed through. You want to really savour the moment.

We have been fortunate enough to dine in a 3 star restaurant in Reims in the Champagne district of France & a 2 star in Barcelona. L’Assiette in Reims was so much better than the others that you can see why they have 3. Honestly though, I don’t know why Wako has a star at all. Most disappointing!

Overall though, we are enjoying San Fran as the locals call it.

3 thoughts on “The Embarcadero & Wako Restaurant

  1. That is disappointing! Glad the Japanese food was good at least.

    Did you have a beer in a brown paper bag with your 🦀 wich? that is what I remember doing when I was 20.😀


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