I’ve found the link!

I’m so excited! I’ve found the link!

You might remember that my previous post detailed my research into the link between the Wachman family and the Edelman family. (David’s great grandmother Tsipe Wachman married his Great Grandfather Louis and migrated to Australia in the late 1880s. Moshe Wachman migrated to Ireland and married his wife Seina Jackson there before moving to South Africa and then Australia.) It was obvious that there were too many coincidences and that the families were linked but how?

Thanks to ancestry DNA, I have found two of David’s 3rd cousins once removed and have even met one of them. Phil lives at Carindale, just a few kilometres from us and Bill lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

David & Phil & Bill are all descendants of Samuel & Sarah Wachman, David’s Great Great Grandparents. The connection we have found is not through Moshe Wachman as we thought, but through Moshe’s wife, Rachel Leah, who is the sister of David’s Great Grandmother, Sophia or Tsipe. Rachel & Tsipe are both children of Samuel and Sarah.

Bill & Phil think that Moshe is also connected as family stories suggest that Moshe and Rachel were closely related so I’m surmising that Moshe was a cousin of Rachel & thus Tsipe.

To actually prove the link that I have thought existed for so long now is so very exciting.

Now to find the link with the American Wachmans – perhaps we will get a little closer when we meet Liza in San Francisco next month. Liza & David are also linked through Ancestry DNA.

2 thoughts on “I’ve found the link!

  1. H Di,

    You are to be congratulated for your tenacity and persistence. So pleased for you to have come this far and have no doubt that you will complete the journey.

    You have every right to be excited.

    Xx Met

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