Today we are sailing towards Brisbane where we will arrive on Saturday morning but we were in New Caledonia for a day & a half.

When we first arrived, we hopped on (well climbed really) the hop-on, hop-off bus which was a much more comfortable version of this type of transport than you normally catch. It was a proper air conditioned coach.

We had stayed at a resort at one of the beaches years ago, so after a full circuit we got off near the resort to revisit our old haunts. Couldn’t find the resort but did find our breakfast spot.

Yesterday we wandered into Noumea, roamed the quite impressive markets & did a little shopping.

I’m enjoying the sea days, lots of reading, bridge, eating….. etc. very relaxing. David not so happy. We had more rough weather last night & he says the scenery never changed. I just love looking at the ocean & listening to it. It’s wonderful.

This is the pilot coming out to guide us into Noumea.

Here we are on deck 10

watching as our Captain brings us alongside the dock.

The local people are welcoming us here.

We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant on the end of this pier in 2002 or whenever it was we visited before. We watched huge fish swimming around as we ate.

And lastly, here we are having a wonderful dinner at Red Ginger, the Asian restaurant on board. It’s great.

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