Local tour of Suva

As we sailed into Suva, Fiji, this morning the sun was rising & I was up on the fitness deck getting my steps done. It was beautiful. 

Today we again purchased a local tour in a minibus with 8 others from Sirena. This time it even had real aircon!  Suva is quite a large city & being Saturday it seems all the country people come to town to sell their goods at the market & do the shopping. It’s quite a large market & it was very busy.

We stopped at a resort briefly. The vegetation is very green & lush & there was a lovely ‘lake’ or we would say ‘dam’, I reckon.

The guard keeping watch in front of the President’s Palace was a very serious guy:

The Suva museum showcased some of the seafaring history of Fiji. We admired this canoe but we’re glad that the Sirena, although a small ship, is much much bigger than the canoe especially in the rough seas we’ve had since leaving Tahiti. My Couch Family genes from the family of master mariners of Port Isaac stood me in good stead but David suffered a bit. Thankfully the sea appears to have calmed now.

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