Amazing Easter eggs

Yesterday afternoon we visited the Fabergé Museum in St Petersburg.  The weather was still very unpleasant but we parked close & did not have to queue. It was well organised. We were in small groups of 12 & we had a specific time to enter so that was great.

Here’s the Fabergé story:

This is the first egg which is made of gold & coated with white enamel to look like a hen’s egg. The surprise inside was the golden yolk.

Here is the coronation egg. The little carriage, every part of which actually works, was the surprise inside & it is an exact model of the actual carriage. It was beautiful.

What do you think of this punch set?  It’s solid silver. I can see us all drinking punch out of it at a party, can’t you?

David loved this beautiful silver samovar.  His great aunt had a lovely one the family brought out when they emigrated. Not solid silver like this one, though.

We enjoyed our visit. There were so many beautiful things!

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